The Miniature Hereford Cowtown Classic (MHCC) was established in 2019 and is held at the Will Rodgers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas. This breed-exclusive show includes Pre-Junior, Junior and Open Breeders Show divisions and classes for registered Miniature Hereford heifers, steers, cows and bulls. The MHCC's founders hope to further the rich heritage of the breed and the venue alike by creating a new chapter for the breeders, exhibitors, and public to enjoy.

The MHCC is a 501.C.3 non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the Miniature Hereford breed and providing educational opportunities for families who raise and show Miniature Herefords. The MHCC is managed by an appointed Board of Directors and Volunteer Organization. For more information, email can be directed to

The Will Rodgers Memorial Center

The MHCC is proud to be part of the historical Will Rodgers Memorial Center. Established in Fort Worth, Texas in 1936, the Will Rogers Memorial Center now attracts in excess of 2 million visitors each year to the Cultural District. This 120-acre facility plays host to an extensive variety of cultural, corporate, educational and sporting events including many international-level equestrian and livestock shows.

Located in the heart of the Ft. Worth Historical District, the Will Rodgers Memorial Center is devoted to the preservation of the rich and diverse history of Texas. Between 1866 and 1890, drovers trailed more than four million head of cattle through Fort Worth. The city soon became known as “Cowtown.” In 1876, some of the first Herefords to arrive in Texas were brought in by the E. F. and William S. Ikard brothers of Henrietta, Texas. They purchased ten animals at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition, shipped them by rail to Denison, and then trailed them to Henrietta.

The Miniature Hereford

The Miniature Hereford has been developed over the last 30 years by selective breeding of stock that was originally imported to the US from England in the early 19th Century. The Miniature Hereford breeding program was started by the Largent family in 1974, whose ranch is located in the Davis Mountains of Texas.

Rust Largent initially concentrated on breeding the most productive cattle suited to the local conditions of his ranch. With efficiency in mind, a bull called Laser was used at the ranch to proportionally reduce frame size. Since then, the herd has been systematically culled and improved continuously to produce the "miniature" cattle.

The first Miniature Herefords were sold on the open market in 1991. All Miniature Herefords are able to be registered with the American Hereford Society, once they are checked free of the dwarfism gene.